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Be prepared to be seduced by bold geometric shapes and bright colours. Get out those Kandinsky and Klee posters. That s right, Bauhaus style is massive in interiors right now, and it’s young, cool, British and very modern darling!

For those who wanna be in the know, the main components of this uber-trend are the circle, the triangle and the cube – along with lots of flat, but vibrant colour. There are some fabulous young Brit Designers that are rocking this modernistic look right now: Fashion and prop designer (and the creator of that Lady GaGa telephone headpiece), Fred Butler; the inspiring Patternity Girls – who see Everywhere, and the creator of the Bauhaus birdfeeder (yes that s right, even your common House Martin can reside in Bauhaus style), Julia Jacobs.

Of course we are all getting in a bit of a lather regarding all things Bauhaus due to the exhibition being held at the Barbican Art Gallery this summer. The original movement was German, but it wasn’t some dusty old Art, but in fact an Art and Design school set up by the architect Walter Gropius in 1919, and initially funded by the Weimar Government. Basically it started out by being what we might call bit of an experiment. It was shut down by the Nazis in 1933.

What is especially exciting for many designers about this school is its unique way of paying equal attention to art, architecture, design and craft; it combined these disciplines to create a unified vision for a modern way of living. The Bauhaus had some very cutting-edge tutors too, such as the German Expressionist Artists Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee; the now famous colour theorist and painter of the to the Square series, Josef Albers; and of course, designer of exquisite furniture, Marcel Breuer.

– “So how do you add a bit of Bauhaus to your own house?”

-” Most importantly, I always think that when you are looking to the past for inspiration, it’s best to do so in a fresh way; there’s no need to teleport your home back in time!”

Here are some “how to”  tips:

  • It’s hip to be square, triangular or even Rhomboid! Embrace strong shapes and look for inspiration in architecture, abstract art and mundane everyday objects.
  • When looking for furniture to fit with the Bauhaus theme, you can’t go far wrong with a bit of tubular steel! Think of the furniture of one of the original members of the school, Marcel Breuer, whose Chair is still hugely popular today!
  • Colour was a key part of the design of the Bauhaus school. Stark white modernist or soft grey walls are a great backdrop to showcase lots of colours.  Magnolia is best avoided.
  • Strong geometric vases are very sculptural and add depth to any room. Simply fill with a cheap bunch of vibrant tulips for an instant piece of Modernist Art!
  • You can take your pick when it comes to Bauhaus poster Art. Why not check out vintage Bauhaus exhibition posters, or buy a new one from a contemporary show!

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