Modern House Plan

The modern architecture planning  for house is  simple, minimalistic and functional.   The main elements of the contemporary building combine glass, white walls, and wooden decoration elements, minimalistic forms in the interior. White wall painting both of interior and exterior make the modern house looks spacious. What is more, if we choose the white color we can select any colors for the interior accessories.

Modern Architecture House Plan Pay attention to the location of different zones in the house.  You can unite all the rooms  and separate  the space into some zones with partition walls.  That’s  idea also appropriative for  a small house. The modern house is eco-friendly.  We use a lot of natural materials for repairing  and  for decoration as well.

Contemporary Building Architecture Plan

 Nowadays we can`t imagine the modern house without  a pool and a garden.  Outside architects usually plan the landscape. Actually, you will get  the beautiful view if  you  place the large glass wall of your house opposite the  garden.

Modern House with large covered terrace. Big windows and abundance of natural light. Does it  sound like a dream?  Turn on your creativity and imagine how a house should look like.

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