Global brand with a valuable approach

Duravit is a global brand that manufactures international bathroom products, which are specified by architects and interior designers all over the world. Since opening its facility in Australia two years ago, managing director Gary Dart has noted a trend for mixing ceramic brands within the bathroom and the use of design copies lacking quality and global brand support.

The local individual importer does not have the depth to support the specification from start to project completion, and it hard to determine who has led the decision, he says.

His frustration continues to the Australian national plumbing merchant, which he says does not support a product specification if it not its imported product. “Can a developer achieve competitive tendering with a plumbing merchant exclusive product? ” He asks.

Duravit philosophy is to support and demand quality, offering design rather than cheap products. Dart explains, wishes the purchaser to choose the supply partner based on the partner service, technical knowledge, stock and desire for the purchase business.

Dart is also frustrated with the additional approval testing needed to distribute in Australia. “There are considerable costs associated with the additional verification of products for and importing into Australia. We happy to do this if we have the support from the specified as an overall brand, in fitting anything from the commercial washroom to the penthouse apartment.” – He says.

In return, Duravit complete range is made available in Australia, allowing the specifier to present Duravit latest high-quality designs to its clients.

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